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Inventions have always appeared to meet a need, to create a solution to a problem. The projects we implement are not machines for us, but a task that needs to be facilitated, the equivalent of a problem that needs to be eliminated. The important thing for us is not only to achieve the result and get the desired product, but to do it in the easiest and healthiest way possible. We think that it is our greatest virtue to look at the product from the side of the user, not the producer. Based on these principles, we combine our experience and technology, we spend all our efforts to produce machines that work non-stop, produce better and more every time. Today, many technological innovations used in the chocolate and cake industry in our country have come to life within our company for the first time. As yesterday, we are making efforts to produce the machines of the future today, and we would like to thank all our customers who encouraged us with their compliments on this issue. We continue to work for better with our strong machine park and our team who loves their job in our factory with a closed area of 2000 square meters located in Konya Büsan Organized Industry.

Our Goal

The main goals of the Samplus family are to produce original machines that will offer the best solution to the problems of food producers all over the world, especially in Turkey, and to respond to the needs of the sector in the newest, most stable and most flexible way.


There is an inverse ratio between the investment cost and the operating cost in food production processes. As the investment cost increases, the operating cost decreases. As Samplus, we produce price performance product machines where the investment cost and profitability are optimal. We do not like luxury machines that require very high investment and cheap machines that constantly cause problems. We are committed to you the “best machine you can get for the price you pay”.

Samplus Makine

Chocolate Machine, Chocolate enrobing machine, Mini chocolate coating machine, Chocolate tempering machine, Cooling tunnel, Chocolate stock tank, V-mixer, Z mixer, Food Conveyors and custom Machine, We are at your service for your needs. Imagine it, We'll manufacture it...

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