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Chocolate Enrobing Machine


Your practical and professional solution partner for chocolate tempering and coating.

CC Series

Kokolin (compound) Chocolate Coating Machines Suitable for Product Coating, Economical and Functional

RC Series

Chocolate Coating Machines With Single Chocolate Curtain, Suitable For Working with Real Chocolate

WRC Series

Chocolate Coating Machines With Double Chocolate Curtain, High Capacity, By-Pass System
Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

CCT Series

click here for our chocolate cooling tunnels that provide high energy efficiency in the band width December of 600mm-1750mm.


click here for our compact design chocolate cooling tunnels in the band width December of 200mm-600mm.
Chocolate Decor Machine

Chocolate Decor Machine

Chocolate decor machine for more aesthetic products
Granule Pouring Machine

Granule Pourer

A delicious touch to your products. click here for our 600-1750mm wide granule pouring machines.

Feedback Automation

please click here for our 200-600mm wide granule pourers.
Chocolate Stock Tank

Chocolate Stock Tanks

please click here for the most suitable chocolate tanks for your needs in the December of 50lt-5000lt.
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Chocolate Machine, Chocolate enrobing machine, Mini chocolate coating machine, Chocolate tempering machine, Cooling tunnel, Chocolate stock tank, V-mixer, Z mixer, Food Conveyors and custom Machine, We are at your service for your needs. Imagine it, We'll manufacture it...

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