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Where are Chocolate Cooling Tunnels Used?

Chocolate cooling tunnels are machines used as a solution for the cooling needs of products such as biscuits, chocolate, wafers, regrets, Turkish delight produced industrially.
With the increase in production capacity, a cooling tunnel should be used to cool the products coming off the production lines while they are in continuous flow without waiting.
The most commonly used area of chocolate cooling tunnels is the freezing of chocolate coated products such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, wafers, cakes after chocolate coating or after a pattern is given in the decor unit.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying a Chocolate Cooling Tunnel? Why Samplus Cooling Tunnel?

Chocolate cooling tunnels must constantly circulate cold to fulfill its function. For this reason, they are machines with high energy use. A good chocolate cooling tunnel should ensure the efficiency of this spent energy, the thermal insulation should be excellent.
A tunnel with an insulation fault not only increases the operating cost, but the vapors formed at the junction points can cause irreversible damage to the product produced by friction.
Cooling tunnels are machines whose lengths increase in direct proportion to the capacity. This length brings with it routing problems in the product line. In a good cooling tunnel, tape routing should be automatic and perform the routing function without errors. Otherwise, PU tapes tens of meters long may deform within minutes.
Chocolate cooling tunnels should be easily cleaned, cover structures should be manufactured in accordance with this cleaning. The presence of inaccessible areas during cleaning will cause the formation of bacteria and bad smell in the long term.
Depending on the product to be worked with, there should be direct and indirect cooling options in the cooling tunnels, and even these options should be individually adjustable for each cooling section.
The cooling tunnel entrance section should be able to move back and forth and up and down, and should be able to work synchronously with the chocolate coating machine.
More important than all of these, the chocolate cooling tunnel is a machine that needs to make very good calculations of time and power according to the product to be cooled. In order not to reduce the capacity of an entire facility or encounter visually problematic products, these calculations should be made professionally at the very beginning.
Please contact us for more technical details and information. Let’s choose the optimal machine for you together.

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